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    Painters Invercargill

    Are you looking for decorators and Painters Invercargill wide and the surrounding areas? By all means, you’ve come to the right place! Whatever project you are doing we can help you to tackle the painting and decorating aspect of it with a competitive price. 

    Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, we will serve your needs with the highest level of workmanship and professionalism. Surely, we are well equipped to carry out various kinds of services in residential and commercial painting. Our certified and qualified painters will always deliver excellent results to what you envisioned and beyond.

    Residential painting

    Notably, adding a fresh coat of paint on your new home walls can drastically improve its appearance and value just before selling it. For this reason, as a homeowner, you need to hire a professional house decorator and painter that offers fantastic paintings services preferably at reasonable prices. 

    Typically, residential painting/ house painting involves decorating both the interior and exterior of a home and hence doesn’t require so many litres of paints. Thus, making it possible for you to opt for relatively expensive paints. 

    Indeed, Painters Invercargill is one of the leaders in the field and we always proud of our customer satisfaction. With this in mind, when it’s time to give your new home a fresh coat of paint, we recommended you contracting a professional painting company.

    In reality, doing it alone can prove to be more stressing, time-consuming and most likely less professional results.

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    Commercial painting

    commercial propertyLikewise, as a property or business owner, you must keep your business building well maintained and looking professional with the most appropriate paintings. However, this is achievable only when you hire the best commercial decorating and painting company to handle such an important project on your behalf. As a matter of fact, we have been offering exceptional commercial painting services that help match your business with your brand.

    Usually, commercial/ large scale painting involves painting large commercial properties such as factories, restaurants, schools and large residential properties. In most cases, large scale painting is more about functional purposes rather than aesthetic purposes, although this depends on the individual business. For instance, some business property owners may emphasize the visual attractiveness of the property to attract potential clients.

    Why is Painters Invercargill is the best to handle your large scale painting projects today?

    Surely, large building painting projects are quite expensive in labour, a lot of paint required and the technology to be used when applying paints and other factors. Therefore, this is why you need highly experienced and professional painters who can optimize the entire painting process to save on your time and cost. Interestingly, the years of experience give our painters an added advantage to handle any type of commercial painting and on schedule and under budget. For instance, painters understand the best paint colour combination that gives your property an aesthetic appearance and functional purposes.

    In brief, some of our commercial painting services include but not limited to;

    Commercial exterior painter

    * Exterior and interior wall painting.

    * Urethane and textured coating.

    * Curbing painting.

    * Stucco repair

    * Re-texture and drywall repairs

    * Wall waterproofing services.

    * Painting metal finishes

    * Electrostatic painting

    * Industrial coating among others

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